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What Are the Prospects?

What Are the Prospects?


As the city continues to evolve rapidly, the past solutions are no longer suitable.

Since there is no "one size fits all" solution for all cities, our county leaders must learn to use foresight in development to create institutions that can continually adapt to an ever-changing society and changing external forces.

The Colloquium (held on -----???) addressed a large number of important issues. It is helpful for both leaders and executors to consider these issues, as they engage in developing, researching and reflecting on strategies that are best suited to address all new challenges in the city’s public management.

The city must confirm its commitment to using its unique position to engage the leaders and executors in identifying challenges for the government, while focusing on solutions based on the needs of its residents.


City leaders, in collaboration with the county managers, must work together to continue to provide developers and other executors with opportunities to "expand their field of vision" to enable Boynton Beach citizens, visitors, city partners, and county managers to more proficiently and efficiently build the future economics of the city.


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