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Meet Golene

In a world filled with division, Golene is igniting a grassroots movement to ensure the American Dream is kept alive and to create opportunities for everyone in our community to thrive. She is THE NOW! This is our time to take back our city!


Golene has been aggressively focused on enriching the lives of residents in the community since she moved to Boynton Beach 16 years ago. She was born into a Caribbean family and came to the United State at 13 years old in pursuit of the American dream.


Golene Gordon has been a public servant for nearly 20 years, and a strong advocate for economic community development and community engagement. She’s a compassionate leader who desires the best for those she serves. Her ambition is to make our community thrive and our families flourish.


You know a community leader’s character by the actions she takes. Golene’s passion and commitment to serving the people of her community and improving the beautiful city of Boynton Beach can be best exemplified by the manner in which she has lent her services as a volunteer:


  • Golene is a current member and Chairwoman of the Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board (CRAAB) in Boynton Beach.

  • She served as a former member of the Planning & Development Board of Boynton Beach.

  • She dedicated her flair for beauty as a former member of the Boynton Beach Art Commission Board, empowered and trusted with the selection of art for public places.

  • Golene has volunteered, more than once, with organizations such as The Soup Kitchen of Boynton Beach, Habitat for Humanity - Boynton Beach Project and Boynton Beach Cares to keep Boynton Beach beautiful.

  • It is Golene’s compassion for people that lead her to give of herself fully, without any hesitancy and concern of self, to the rescue efforts in Haiti following the major earthquake of 2010 that killed more than 200,000 people. Golene joined the operation Unified Response Haiti 2010 team and served as a volunteer on board of the USNS Comfort (T-AH20) Naval Hospital ship, under the leadership of Captain J.J. Ware.


Golene has given of herself with heartfelt passion to the community of Boynton Beach and has gone as far as using the fundamentals of her Master’s degree in Business Administration to share her knowledge of money management with the community. She has been instrumental in implementing a host of financial education classes that have drastically helped people reduce their debts and save money.


Her plan is to continue her history and legacy of service for the city of Boynton Beach by working strategically on several issues that are extremely important for the residents of this beautiful city: business and community development, education, health care, mental health, job creation, economic opportunities, sustainability, housing, homelessness, public safety as well as a clean environment and the resiliency of the city, just to name a few.


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