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Improvement Groups

Communicating effectively in order to Create Improvement Support Groups

Communication is how Boynton Beach City government can raise awareness among stakeholders about the property rights they should arrogate to themselves within the improvement process. To gain Boynton Beach public trust, the city government must learn to communicate the need for real change, the improvement process, and the successes of change. The transmission of the message is the joint responsibility of senior officials and political leaders.


Sharing the need for change involves i) conveying the values and objectives that underpin the vision of change and ii) identifying and assessing the city's public fears. An inescapable statement of values creates an emotional connection with the audience by reflecting their own desires. It also helps the city government employees to go beyond their personal interests as bureaucrats to change their behavior.

Communicating about the change process helps make our city government employees understand their role in changing and maintaining the coherence of change initiatives. This communication also provides a chronological plan for the achievement of the results. Communicating the change successes helps build public trust and maintain the momentum of transformation initiatives by building political and public support.


For communication to bear fruit, it is essential for us to use simple language, everyday words emphasizing the results of improving the services produced. The administration must be careful not to use enigmatic terms or change jargon that are meaningless to the public and confuse the relationship between actions and results.


The development message must be honest in highlighting the potential costs and disadvantages. It must not promise unachievable results.


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