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Community Champions 

Why Must We Continue Staying the Course By Encouraging City Community Champions?

The leaders are supposed to have a fundamental role in bridging the gap between the city design and implementation of the city improvements. In bridging the ideas behind the city improvements between the city and its citizens, many leaders, at different levels of the city administration, must serve as the driving force for adequately communicating the merits of our city's improvements program.


The Boynton Beach public confronts and challenges its current leadership capabilities with exceptional rigor. Both pursuing those unwanted missions and having the temerity of moving forward with a murky vision can potentially create massive confusion; not at all in line with the hopes that we all have for improving the city that we love so very much.

The current city leaders have failed us over and over again, by making promises that never happened. We need to consider replacing them immediately, because they are not advocating the city improvements that satisfy the real needs of the people.

I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU: When was the last time something occurred in this city that has benefited you personally or your family, in any significant way?? WHEN?? I really want you to think about that.


The critical gaze or watchful eyes of the Boynton Beach public in general, of many community organizations, of business owners, of seniors’ groups, of religious groups reflect their clear concerns and opposition to the actions of the current city leadership that are potentially risking subjugating the freedom of the city’s residents.


The current city leadership must be removed from the Boynton Beach political environment. IMMEDIATELY!


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